Hand Crafted Outdoor Adirondack Furniture

White CAP Windsurfing...  A local shop owned and operated by a fellow windsurfer - Chuck Harden.  Chuck provides instruction and equipment for Windsurfing and Stand-Up-Paddle (SUP) boarding.  This is all he does!  I've known Chuck since the late 90's and have enjoyed many hours sailing and shooting the bull with him and others who get together on the lakes and up in the OBX to sail.  Visit Chuck's site and give him a call to learn one of life's most enjoyable pass times on the water.  Nothing goes better with an Adirondack MagicChair than a great day of wind and waves with many friends!

Shenandoah Restorations is Columbia's premier Stain Glass and Window Restoration company.  Shenandoah provides servics that cover both Commercial and soon-to-be Residential clients  who desire only the best in Stain Glass or Antique Lite Designs.

Call Todd Selke or Russell Browning (Buddy) at

803-781-9227 or visit them at 10229 Broad River Rd. Irmo, Sc

Phil Barley and I go back a few years!  Phil provides Adirondack Chair Patterns in designs that are Authentic Canadian! Phil offers his plans in downloadable and hard copy mail formats.  Visit Phil's site if you are interested in classic Adirondack Moskoka designs.

Mr. Barley is a man of his word and a true delight to do business with!

Referrals You can Trust!

Here are some resources I trust that deliver high quality products or offer services to fix stuff that breaks! 

(Which is rare because I usually fix and build my own stuff :-)

The objective is to provide you with referrals to resources that can be TRUSTED! 

Chip's Wood -Inman, SC

One night I was surfing the web and found Chip's site.  Chip offers many of the same products I do, so I called him to talk.  We hit it off!  Chip builds high quality outdoor furniture like I do but he goes a step further!  He offers Picnic tables and Outdoor Play Sets and Big Tables which look absolutely GREAT!  I spoke with Chip one afternoon on the phone and he impressed me so much that I wanted to list him here  as an ally in the outdoor furniture business.  Chip and I have made a verbal agreement that if we get a customer who is looking for a specific product that we offer, we'll refer them to each other.  Visit Chip's Wood Site if you happen to be in the upstate or surrounding areas!  I'm sure he'll be delighted to offer you a great deal on great products

You can call Chip at 864-205-9534 or visit his Web Site at:


The Outpost is located at 142 Poli Bay Rd. Ridland, Sc.  They are a reseller of MagicChairs!  They have a beautiful store offering outdoor sporting goods ranging from hunting & fishing to camping and hiking.  They also have arts and crafts that you'll see in the mountains!  I evny this family owned business who provides their products to Jasper County SC and Hilton Head areas.  You can call them or stop by for a delightful treat in shopping in the low-country of SC.



Barley Harvest - Downloadable Adirondack Furniture Patterns

Since starting out, I've been purchasing rough cut - air-dried lumber from mills where possible.  in the latter part of 2015, one of my best mill suppliers had to curtail sales in the small volume I purchase - (they normally sell 18-wheeler loads)  After extensive searching, I stumbled across TIDEWATER LUMBER COMPANY.  If you appreciate excellence in millwork and quality in your orders and hospitality while waiting for your order at the plant, this is the place for youAsk for Louis & tell them I sent you there.  He is considering offering patterns and lumber in package deals to those of you who wish to build your own projects!


Stain Glass Restoration (Historic)

Chip's Wood- Outdoor Furniture - Upstate SC

The Outpost